We Manage Your Google Business Profile At No Cost

Battle Plan Web Design helps it's clients manage their Google Business Profile listing for free!

Did you know that Battle Plan Web Design can help you manage your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business listing)? This is a very important element in your company’s online presence… so important that other agencies are charging upwards of $300 per month to manage it. We offer this service free to our customers, as we feel it is an integral part of your website’s success.

At the time of this posting, we are already helping to manage about 80% of our customers’ profiles. If you are a part of the 20% not taking advantage of this service (or if you aren’t sure), please reach out to us. It takes just a few minutes to add us as a manager on your account, and we can begin optimizing your listing immediately!

Why is Google Business Profile important?

When someone searches for your business by name on Google, your GBP listing shows up. In an instant, the customer has access to your phone number, address, website, reviews, and a wealth of other information.

Perhaps more importantly, when someone searches for your services (rather than your company by name) your GBP can show up, as well. This is considered a “discovery search” and is a great way to capture new potential customers.

Circle graph showing almost 74% of this customer's Google Business Profile impressions were discovery searches

Here is a snapshot of data from one of our clients, and you can see that almost 74% of their Google Business Profile impressions were discovery searches. These searches were for products or services, not the company’s name specifically. In this example, our client had over 4,000 opportunities to earn a new customer.

Some people won’t even bother to go to the website at all — they will just click to call you directly from the GBP box. People who want more information about you will use the GBP as a springboard to your website.

Line graph showing how many website clicks and phone calls this customer received from their Google Business Profile

As you can see in the above graphic, the green line notates clicks to this customer’s website from their Google Business Profile. The blue notates phone calls directly from the GBP. Imagine if this customer’s GBP was not optimized, or worse yet – unclaimed. Look at the substantial number of opportunities they would be losing!

What does it take to optimize this listing?

The beauty of our service is that you don’t really have to do anything at all. We take care of it for you.

Like everything else in the online world, the Google Business Profile changes constantly. You don’t have time to research articles, read blog posts, and do the experimentation necessary to keep your profile up-to-date and optimized. But, we do.

If we are already managing your Google Business Profile, then just sit back and let us take care of it. If not, give us a call at (239) 682-7851 and we’ll get started!