Our Pricing Philosophy

Unlike most website design companies, Battle Plan Web Design does not believe in “package pricing”. When faced with choosing a “package deal”, you typically have two options: pay too much for tools you don’t need, or lose out on valuable services to save money. In our opinion, neither of these options are acceptable for our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to build your website and manage your online presence for years to come. That being said, it is in our own best interest to make your website as successful as we possibly can. It does not benefit us (or you) to hold back on services that will make you more money.

In other words, we don’t build you an “okay” website and offer to make a “better” website if you pay more. We try our best to make your website as good as it can be, and perform at 100% efficiency, for one low all-encompassing price.

Low Monthly Fee & No Contract

In most cases, our monthly fee for a website and all of our services is $145. Shop that price around the market, and you’ll find that most companies charge that much for their basic website, slow hosting, and limited updates (or none at all).

Another way we differ from our competition: we do not ask our clients to sign a contract. We want our customers to choose Battle Plan Web Design, not be contractually obligated.

If we don’t do our job to your satisfaction, we ask that you simply fire us. That means, you can trust we are working hard every day to make your website successful. You can rest assured that we will be available when you need us, ready to provide prompt, friendly and reliable service.

The Nuts & Bolts

When you hire Battle Plan Web Design to develop, build and maintain your company’s website, you put your online reputation in our hands. That is something we take very seriously.

Below, you will find a list of services and features that you can expect from our company for one low monthly fee of $145. We compare our plan to what you could expect with other web design companies, and the average costs.

Battle Plan
— The Other Guys —
Hostingvirtual private server optimized for speed
SecuritySSL certificate, provides padlock in address bar
Daily malware scans & backupsensures site is safe from hacking
Customer review integrationGoogle, Facebook, Nextdoor, Yelp, etc
Traffic analyticssitewide & per page stats
Content managementupdating verbiage & photos, adding pages
Content Delivery Networkimproves speed, especially on 3G & 4G
Keyword rank trackinggraphing daily position of essential keywords
Code maintenancekeeps website functioning as browsers evolve
ADA Level AA complianceensures functionality for people with disabilities
Content Security Protectionmitigates threat of XSS attacks
SPF, DKIM & DMARC complianceprotects website from email spoofing and spam
Google My Business managementset up (if needed) and ongoing optimization
Core Web Vitalsoptimization of crucial criteria Google uses for algorithm
No contractalways month-to-month, cancel any time
Customer Servicewhen you call, you will speak to the owner of the company
Total Package Price