Online Reviews & Testimonials

We all know there is no better advertising than word of mouth. The internet gives you an amazing opportunity to turn your satisfied customers into SALES people for your business.

However, convincing your customers to take the time and make the effort to leave online reviews can be very challenging. We can help!

Complete Synchronization With Google & Facebook

We automatically connect your website to Google My Business, so that your review rating appears at the bottom of your website. People can easily click to immediately see your Google reviews, thus building confidence in your business.

We also handpick the best reviews from Google and Facebook, and add them directly onto your website so that people see what your customers have to say about you. We pick reviews that have photos and full names, so that it’s obvious the reviews are legitimate and real.

To make review gathering easier, we set up a page on your website that you can send your customers to… and it literally walks them through the review process. This keeps your customer from having to search for your review platforms online, because frankly, most won’t go to the trouble. But we make it easy for them!