Hurricane Ian Update

22 09 30 Header

We are happy to report that Battle Plan Web Design survived Hurricane Ian relatively unscathed. We lost internet services in our office for about 24 hours, but everything is back online now and we are functioning at full capacity.

All of the websites we manage are hosted on dedicated servers located in Ohio, Virginia, Montreal, and Oregon. As a result, they continued performing at optimal efficiency throughout the storm. It is important to us that our services remain uninterrupted during unforeseen situations such as this.

On a personal note, I would like to thank our customers that reached out via email and text to check on me and my family. It meant a lot that your thoughts and prayers were with us.

Our town and our county has suffered immense devastation due to the unprecedented storm surge that followed the hurricane. We have a customer whose tattoo shop is located on Fort Myers Beach, one of the hardest hit locations in SW Florida. We have not been able to contact her since just before the storm hit. She is in our thoughts this morning, as our continued attempts to contact her have failed.

I cannot overstate how appreciative we are for our loyal customers. Our goal has always been to provide attentive, “first name basis” customer service and we will continue to do so going forward. Thank you!

-Glendon Guttenfelder

EDIT: Just found out our customer on Fort Myers Beach is safe! Such a wave of relief! I don’t yet know about her shop, my assumption is that there probably isn’t much left.